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  • Anonymous asked : Y U SO UGLY

    thank you, hater, so much love

  • Dating sucks. Just be up front. Ungh


    Went out on a date on Sunday night finally, after mooooonths of swearing the whole process off. Super attracted to this man in every way. And I really felt like we hit it off. Lots of laughing and flirtatious eye contact. But I think he was slightly intimidated. No kiss, just a hug. Fine. He sends me a text once I’m at home saying he had a great time. Awesome. Then absolutely nothing for 2 days. Argh. So maybe we didn’t hit it off like I had thought. Bummer. I don’t get iiiiit. :(

    Agreed, dating is weird

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  • The Misadventures of the math major

    I was out with my friend ralph at ihop catching up on things and stuffing my face before I went out on my date. We were eating and laughing when I get a call from the Sax player. He mixed up his schedule and wouldn’t be able to see me that night. I was fine, very slightly disappointed but nothing major. After a hung up, I felt so happy that I had pancakes in front of me but what was I suppose to do with the rest of my night. My friend ralph told me that he was heading to a friends birthday party at a pub in midtown. So I changed into my dress that I was gonna use to seduce, took my hair down and headed over to this Pub on 45th st.

    Once we got there, I realized that I was the only girl there, which I typically like. I introduced myself, was completely gregarious, danced with everyone and even flirted a little

    Since I just got ditched from my date, I was feeling a little bold. I took it upon myself to blatantly flirt with a new friend I just made (lets call him guy 1). I stared at him while asking my friend ralph is he was single, which ralph replied that it was complicated. I smiled and laughed and guy 1 actually got mad and came in between us and asked what all the fun was about. I whispered into his ear that I asked if he was single and ralph said no, then looked at him and told him Im going to get a drink at the bar

    Oh, yea, I thought I was the shit

    the rest of the night was a blur of dancing on the bar, getting free drinks and taking home a couple of numbers

    The next day, while I was texting a girlfriend, the sax player texted me. I was telling them both about how my night went and wouldn’t you know it

    the messy math major sent the wrong text to the wrong person and ended up telling the sax player about my night

    he just responded that he was turned on and jealous and that he couldnt wait to take me out next week

  • So I temporarily give up on dating

    Two of my friend are falling for each other the old fashion way and its so adorable and beautiful that it literally made me cry. Seriously, they are actually courting each other

    like they waited to kiss

    they haven’t had sex yet

    they fucking share feeling

    it made me all jelly and heartbroken that I give myself so easily to these guys and mask it under this casual aura thats not real

    Since nothing seems genuine anymore, I resign from dating

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  • The Boys

    These are the guys I have dated

  • The Bar Guy

    1. I haven’t spoken to him in months I believe. I’m not sure if it was the bad sex or the pure awkwardness of getting lost in yonkers while incredibly high. Either way, I kept my distance, my head down. I received a texted one late night during one of my study breaks hanging out with my co worker
    "Destinei, I need to talk to you, its important"
    (No answer)
    "Its been 9 months since we had sex"
    (No answer)
    "I had a baby…. you do the math"
    He was hilarious. He also played to my love for math. The joke was well crafted. I’ve been obssessing more than Id like to admit about the sax player so I replied
    " it ain’t mine Sorry hun, been extremely busy with classes"
    • We now have a date for mid-janurary
  • The Sax player and I

    So far I have had two dates which both have been fun and both ended with sex

    First date we were suppose to go dancing. There was a mix up and I ended up just meeting him around my campus. we went to a thai restaurant. Conversation was light and fun. No sparks but I was comfortable. Afterwards we went to a small hungarian bakery and shared lemon cake and cheesecake. It was cute and comfortable. Afterwards we started walking to what I thought was the train. Then we points to a bar and says “Let’s go have a drink”

    Now I had a decision to make, I could call it a night, end it here on a light note and head back to y place, which was two hours away. This was my first “fuck it” of the night

    My second “fuck it” moment of the night was having more than one drink. Third, was me not getting his hand of my thigh. Fourth, making out in the bar. Fifth was going to his apartment having sex.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, the sex was downright amazing. Great fun hot wet sex. I love every inch of it. What surprised me was that afterwards he told me he’s really into cuddling. I was into for the first 20 minutes but in my mind I was switching from “mm mm cuddles” to “I could get a cab but that would cost 30 bucks but the train leaves every 20 mins and I’ll have to transfer, but I was suppose to be home at midnight,FUck, I have to work tomorrow..etc”.

    By the end of the night, I was out $43, fully satisifed and promised a proper date to go dancing